Opening Keynotes

Speakers:  Gary Bloom, MarkLogic | Joe Pasqua, MarkLogic

Isn’t it time that we all start rethinking how we manage all of the data within our enterprise, and reimagine how that will influence the future of application development and your business or organization? Learn more »


MarkLogic Semantics

Speakers:  Stephen Buxton, MarkLogic | Paul Preuveneers, MarkLogic | Adam Fowler, MarkLogic

If you’re looking for a Semantics solution, we’ll show how you can use MarkLogic as your Enterprise Triple Store, leveraging MarkLogic’s renowned features for performance, scalability, robustness, and security. Learn more »


• Adopting Enterprise NoSQL – How Standards Norway is Doing it
• How MarkLogic Simplified the Complexity at

Speakers:  Olav Kalve, Standards Norway | Gary Bloom, MarkLogic | Jon Bakke, MarkLogic

Find out what motivated Standards Norway to make the move from SQL-based technology to NoSQL, and what it took. Then, come hear about the inside view of why MarkLogic was chosen for from MarkLogic’s CEO, Gary Bloom. Learn more »


Building Incredible (Formerly Impossible) Apps on MarkLogic

Speakers:  Justin Makeig, MarkLogic | Lee Pollington, MarkLogic

In this session you’ll learn how MarkLogic fits into a variety of architectures, from enterprise Java to Node.js, and best practices for designing, testing, and deploying applications using the tools and skills developers already know. Learn more »


• Rethinking Analytics to Prepare for the Unexpected
• Preparing For the Future: No Crystal Ball Necessary

Speakers:  Richard Pilling, EMEA Director, Intel | Ted van Dongen, CTO, Royal Swets

Discover Intel’s efforts to develop solutions that are as easy to work with as they are powerful, then learn how Swets puts customers first with an agile data platform. Learn more »


5 Fundamental Strategies to Building a Data-centered Data Center

Speakers:  Aaron Rosenbaum, MarkLogic | Olav Schwering, MarkLogic

From understanding how commodity hardware and the cloud come in to play, to using Hadoop and virtualization to accelerate innovation — we will show you how to save money — while increasing availability. Manage more by doing less. Learn more »


Sharing Data Despite the Silos

Panelists:  Martin Kersch, | Hendrik-Jan Griffioen, Newz | Clark Richey, FactGem

These three companies: Newz, FactGem and Herold will talk about how MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL eases the burden of aggregating data, allows them to quickly create a proof of concept to win over colleagues — while still protecting data when it needed to be protected. Learn more »


Closing Keynotes

Speakers:  John Snelson, MarkLogic | Jason Kleeman, MarkLogic | David Gorbet, MarkLogic

Join us in the keynote room for our MarkLogic Lightning Talks, then learn how to simplify data management from MarkLogic’s Vice President of Engineering, David Gorbet. Learn more »